Stardew Valley Expanded (2024)


Seasonal Edits

Default =“True”
Adds leaves to all building roofs during fall and snow to many objects during winter (fences, stop signs, plants, etc). Automatically adjusts colors if players have Starblue Valley or Eemie recolors installed.

Replace Default/Hardwood Fences
Default =“True”
Replaces the standard and hardwood fences with the matching static fences found throughout exterior locations. Automatically adjusts colors if players have Starblue Valley or Eemie recolors installed.

Immersive Shadows
Default = "True"
Adds shadows to buildings and large objects in the world.

Mist Effects

Default = "True"
Adds mist during rainy days to many maps. This does impact performance, so disable this if you're experiencing lag on rainy days.

Original Mines Entrance

Default = "False"
Adds back the original mine entrance at the mountain, cutting down time it takes players to walk to the mines.

Disable SVE Joja Shop

Default = "False"
Removes SVE Joja Shop patches, giving other mods editing the vanilla shop priority.

Remove Objects From Grandpas Shed

Default = "False"
Once players complete the quest, they can opt in to remove all static objects from the interior.

Remove Southern Cactuses From Desert

Default = "False"
Removes a number of catuses in Calico Desert, allowing easier placement of objects such as kegs.

Alternative Craftables
Default = "False"
Changes the design of the furnace, kiln, beehives, kegs, seed machine, cheese machine, and mayonnaise machine.

Balanced Crafting

Default =“False”
Crafting requires more/different resources. Some craftables are easier to make. Recommended if players are using the “Automation” mod and/or IF2R to balance resource intake.

Harder Building Construction
Default =“False”
Constructing buildings cost more resources and money.

Stronger Monsters
Default =“False”
Monsters receive a significant buff in damage dealt to players (double), with slight increases in HP. Shadow Brutes and Mummies have large HP and damage buffs.

Older Sophia Portraits
Default =“False”
Makes Sophia's portraits look older!

Shorter Path To Blue Moon Vineyard
Default = "False"
Pushes the warp point from Cindersap Forest > Blue Moon Vineyard closer to Fairhaven Farm, cutting down on travel time.

Mature Events

Default =“False”
Adds an additional 10 events that contain extremely serious topics, dark undertones, and moral ambiguity. If players wish to play SVE with these events, they must consent via toggling the configuration to “true”.

Use Galdoran Theme All Times

Default =“False”
Changes the Stardew Valley region UI to the Galdoran region UI in all locations.

Disable Galdoran Theme

Default =“False”
Disables the Galdoran UI in all locations. Useful if players have a mod already editing the UI.

Default = “False”
Turns the farmland into a huge dirt field, similar to the standard farm. Perfect for players who want full control over map design.

Remove Fences
Default = "False"
Removes pre-built fences on the farm.

Remove Grass Stretch
Default = "False"
Removes the long bit of grass adjacent to the dirt crop field.

Grass Crop Field
Default = "False"
Changes the large dirt field to grass.

Heavy Debris
Default = "False"
Fills the farm landscape with a plethora of resources.

Remove Land Expansion Pond
Default = "False"
Removes the south east pond on the farmland accessible after buying the property deed.

Larger Bridge To Grandpas Shed
Default = "False"
Extends the patched bridge height by 1 tile, making it connect better with player-laid paths that are 2 tiles in height.

Larger Greenhouse
Default = "False"
Makes the greenhouse slightly bigger, with designated fruit tree spots.

Remove Greenhouse Objects
Default = "False"
Removes static objects, such as plants and barrels, from the greenhouse interior.


Farm Sand Box Layout

Default = “False”
Transforms IF2R into a more standard farm map, excluding predetermined crop fields, shed building, and static fences. There’s an image of this version in the IF2R section. The configuration file is located within the [CP] IF2R Folder. Players may set this configuration to “true” on existing SVE saves using IF2R.

Farm-Light Debris

Default = “False”
Balances resource intake and makes the farmland more manageable. Must be toggled to true before save file creation to take effect.

DirtCropField1, DirtCropField2, DirtCropField3…

Default = “False”
Crop fields can be toggled between grass and dirt variants.

Remove Fences In Front Of Shed

Default = “False”
Removes the fences in-between the shed and crop field 6.

Remove Farm Animal Area Fences

Default = “False”
Removes the fencing in the middle of IF2R.

Remove Fences Left Of Crop Field 1

Default = “False”
Removes the fences beside the river.

Remove Central Cherry Blossom Tree And Water Trough

Default = “False”
Removes the large pink tree and water trough below the fenced animal area

Remove Fences From Backyard

Default = “False”
Removes all fences around the farmhouse.

Remove Table From Backyard

Default = “False”
Removes the table and chair under the blossom tree.

Remove Pet House From Backyard

Default = “False”
Removes the pet house. Useful if players are using a recolor that doesn’t match the color palette/design.

Remove Flowerbed From Backyard

Default = “False”
Removes the flowerbeds above the farmhouse.

Remove Minecart System

Default = “False”
Removes the minecarts around the farmland.

Remove Objects From Greenhouse

Default = “False”
Removes static plants, boxes, flowers, and barrels from the IF2R greenhouse interior.

Stardew Valley Expanded (2024)
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