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The world of Stardew Valley is awe-inspiring. Relationships, farming, fishing, adventuring…All made by just one person, who has given us the gift of so many memories with this game. But the problem with memories is that we’ll never experience that world for the first time again.

I aim to give you, the player, that sense of adventure and unknown once more. Through this mod, I want to immerse you in the world ConcernedApe created.


Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) stays as true to the source material as it can- from new areas and expanded dialogue and events, to the portraits for a brand new set of characters. My goal, as a modder hobbyist, is this: “Give the player the magical feeling they had when they first played Stardew Valley”. To experience that magic as ConcernedApe intended, I recommend playing through vanilla Stardew Valley before jumping into SVE’s expanded world. For players who have already played Stardew Valley: think back to when you first walked into the Secret Woods, completed an elaborate quest, experienced Shane’s six heart event, or met Abigail for the first time. Stardew Valley is full of those inspired moments that enchant you and draw you into its world. By taking that world and expanding it, I hope to create more of those moments, so you can always find something new when you make your way back to the valley. Starting a new save file is required!

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SVE is a free expansion for ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley. Countless hours of brand-new content has been added to the game. There are regular content updates, bug fixes, and transparent communication with the community. Developing SVE requires a lot of time.

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SVE adds over a dozen new fully-fledged NPCs, and many other characters. These NPCs come with dynamic dialogue, schedules, back-story, personalities, animations, events, and more. Even more are under development! The spoiler tab contains more information.

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SVE events aim to expand the story of Stardew’s characters and the lore of the world. Players can visit theStardew Valley Expanded Wikipedia for details on how to trigger the new events. SVE as of Version 1.14 adds over 270 new events.

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SVE features an expanded Joja storyline! What will the fate of Pelican Town be if you, the player, side with Joja and allow a corporate takeover of the valley?

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SVE adds an additional two farm maps to choose from (optional).

Grandpa’s Farm
The recommended farm map to choose when playing with Stardew Valley Expanded!Replaces the standard farm layout. Modestly sized farmland, tillable grass, multiple questlines, different landmark locations, shortcuts to surrounding areas, and secrets to discover. Grandpas Farm comes with a sandbox layout configuration for players wanting full control on map design.

Immersive Farm 2 Remastered
A huge plot of land optimized for multiplayer or solo players looking for a challenge. Features tillable grass, a questline, and secrets. Comes with many configurations!

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SVE adds 50 new locations. Some areas must be unlocked through progression and quests. TheStardew Valley Expanded Wiki has more information on some of the new areas.

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All maps – vanilla and new, interior and exterior – are now filled with location messages for you to discover and experience. There are over 900 throughout the world!

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A configuration file is generated within the [CP] Stardew Valley Expanded, [CP] Immersive Farm 2 Remastered, and [CP] Grandpa’s Farm folders when the game is run at least once. Configurations can be toggled at will on already existing saves. The spoiler tab has detailed information on all possible configurations. Players can change the way they wish to experience their SVE play throughs!

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23 new fish are introduced in SVE! Details on where to catch them, difficulty, sale price, and more can be found on theStardew Valley Expanded Wiki.

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SVE comes with a new world map! It changes with the seasons.

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Immersive custom forage spawn locations throughout the world, in every map. Some forage/objects are one-time spawns and others spawn in specific areas. After playing for 2+ years, many spawns are buffed and new ones will appear.

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The future of SVE is bright! Here is what players can expect in future updates:

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Stardew Valley Expanded is compatible with other expansions such as Ridgeside Village, East Scarp, Downtown Zuzu City, Boarding House, and Mineral Town! Generally speaking, SVE is compatible with the vast majority of other mods.There’s also many resources available to new aspiring modders and guides to make their mods compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded and other expansion mods. The link below has more information:

Stardew Valley Expanded Compatibility Form and Modder Resources

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Several mods complement SVE very well! I recommend downloading the following:

Seasonal Outfits – Cuter Aesthetic for SVE

Seasonal Outfits – Cuter Aesthetic

NPC Map Locations
Author:BouhmWind Effects

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