Recommendations: Expansion Mods (2024)

Current Expansions

Please note that with 1.6 released, most bug reports while being addressed in 1.5.6 versions will most likely be resolved in 1.6 updates.

I have marked Expansions 1.6 specifics with 1.6 notes in blue. The mod scene is rapidly changing and modders are working as hard as they can. Please DO NOT harrass authors for updates. If you notice something on this wiki is out of date for 1.6 updates please follow the advice in the bolded underlined sentence below:

If you find any missing please feel free to either A. Edit this wiki page and add them (Alphabetical Order) or B. ping RiotGirl5989 in the Stardew Valley discord and I will add them for you!

For expansions I went with a rough guideline of "has at least two npcs (social or antisocial) and adds an area." I've provided this very rough guideline in the instance that I have missed any expansion mods.

Axolotl Village (1.6 Update Available)

Axolotl Village - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: An expansion mod that adds a new island full of axolotls to meet and befriend! ♡ Currently adds: a new island, 9 NPCs, 9 fish, 40+ events, 18 foods/recipes, new quests/mail and more!

NPCs to note: Noa and a bunch of other super cute Axolotls!

Boarding House (1.6 Update planned, not yet released)

Boarding House - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Adds an area behind the Bus Stop with a Boarding house, a shop to buy customized machines and a new mine and three new NPCs

NPCs to note: Gregory, Sheila, & Joe.

Boarding house is unique in the fact it is a home for "homeless" NPCs. Compatible NPCs listed below.

Character Descriptions are from their Nexus Page.

Sorren Sorren is a little grumpy and shy at first, but once you get to know him, you'll see he's really just a big teddy bear. Find out what brought this almost-middle-aged miner to Stardew Valley and what secrets are hidden beneath his gruff exterior by befriending him and maybe even marrying him!

Jade Jade is a self-proclaimed entomologist, lover of all things magical, and generally an odd person to meet. Fully romanceable and marriageable. Can you figure out this odd girls secrets?

Mike A marriageable custom NPC named Mike. Mike is a college student in ZuZu University who often wonders what his future holds. He is in need for a good friend, someone who he can really open up to. He majors in engineering and is the nephew of Gus

Zoro Ever wanted Roronoa Zoro from One Piece in your Stardew Valley game? Ever wanted to date & marry him? No? Well now you can! This mod adds a new custom NPC Roronoa Zoro into Stardew Valley.

Kim A shy blue-haired girl named Kim to your game.

Morris Redeemed Help Morris redeem himself after completing the Community Center!

Cape Stardew (1.6 Update Available)

Cape Stardew - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Embark on an epic quest into a mysterious sea cavern, unearthing treasures and forming bonds with Annetta. Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative, seamlessly integrating with other mods. Unleash optional legendary weapons for a truly legendary farming adventure!

NPCs to note: Anetta & Jelli!

Cindersnap Circle (1.6 Update Available)

Cindersnap Circle - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Pelican Town has a lot to offer already, and Cindersap Forest is no different! Explore a new area full of New Characters in Cindersnap Circle! Located North of Marnie's farm, Cindersnap Circle is a cozy spot where a few of Pelican Town's residents have settled down.

NPCs to note: Milo, also a standalone NPC, is now a part of Cindersnap Circle.

Downtown Zuzu (1.6 Update Available)

Downtown Zuzu - Nexus Link

Warning: Please note that the mod author has this listed as a beta. They do state that it is 100% playable but some areas may not feel fleshed out and there are some known bugs.

Description on Nexus: So you're playing some Stardew Valley, and someone mentions the infamous "Zuzu City". This city is mentioned all through the game, haven't you ever wondered what it is like?

Durin's Rest (1.6 Update planned, not yet released)

Durin's Rest - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: An expansion that adds in a dwarven town! Adds in 7 NPCs, 7 monsters, 6 fish, 8 crops, 71 recipes, 3 weapons, new quests, a new mine & a whole new farm!

East Scarp (1.6 Update Available)

East Scarp - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Welcome to East Scarp! An expansion adding new NPCs; new locations; new fish; shops; special orders - and secrets. In a picturesque location by the sea.

NPCs to note: Jacob, Aideen, Rosa, Mateo, Rodney, Beatrice (She is in East Scarp now!)

East Scarp is unique in the fact that you can add who you want to the expansion as it has several empty houses to fill.

The download does come with a small handful of unlockable NPCs but is recommended with the following add-ons:

Character Descriptions are from the East Scarp Nexus Page.

Nora, an enthusiastic and talkative herpetologist, and her adorable pets, Stupid the gecko and Pinkie Pie the corn snake.

Hector, an eclectic and eccentric druid who dwells in a tower in the deep mountains. Part of Desty's Sword & Sorcery collection.

Sen, the most huggable inhabitant of the Underscarp. Sen came from deep within the valley's mines to discover the surface world.

Fievel, Hatmouse's cousin from afar, comes to seek a "land without cats" and makes some unexpected friends.

John, Barron & Phoebe, FellowClown's collection of sweet NPCs. Follow their stories as they work through different aspects of the human experience.

Rodney, Two-time Award Winning Author - Dodo's friendly science fiction writer, who has arrived to seek inspiration and occasionally pass judgment. Maybe he'll even win another award?

Mateo, Never Ending Adventure: Desty's experienced adventurer with a history in the village, returning to seek redemption and their future.

Sterling, Mia, & Henry, Always Raining in the Valley: Hime's delightful trio, who will steal your heart! A heart-warming mod about interpersonal relationships.

Lavril & Void, a strange child and her guardian, the keepers of many of East Scarp's secrets. From Arknir, creator of Lucikiel.

Juliet & Jessie, the JojaMart clerks. A unique duo who will take you on many adventures.

Tristan: Uncover his mystery!

Mr. Ginger He's a ginger cat that follows Jas around town, and pays visits to the other villagers. Some appreciate him, others do not. Like all good cats, he has numerous names.

Note: East Scarp does have a few NPCs that are exclusive to their discord so give them a join! East Scarp Discord

Fostoria (1.6 Update Available)

Fostoria - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Fostoria was once a bustling mining community near Pelican Town. Now largely abandoned, Fostoria is home to three new NPCs and two shops. This new location offers bountiful forage, new fishing locations, new friends, new quests, and even allows you to walk to the desert. Fostoria also provides a walking link to the author's other expansion, Stoffton.

NPCs to note: Pori, Remmington, Iris

Mermaid Island (1.6 Update planned, not yet released)

Mermaid Island - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Adds a new location Mermaid Island with a new NPC, new fish to be catch, new foregeable items, 5 new events. Accessible via Willy’s boat - the same from Ginger Island.

NPCs to note: Madam & IceFox (a vendor)

Mineral Town (Not Available in 1.6 at this time)

Mineral Town - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Welcome to the world and characters that inspired not only Stardew Valley, but fans of farming sims as a whole. With characters either familiar or brand new, expand your horizons in Mineral Town.

NPCs to note: Ann, Mary, Popuri, Doctor, Kai and more!

Northern Gulf (1.6 Update planned, not yet released)

Northern Gulf - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: The Northern Gulf, a village sustained by the nearby waters, sits to the north of Pelican Town, accessible by winding through the mountains. This mod brings forth 12 new NPCs, each with special events unveiling their backgrounds, perspectives on life, ideals, and a myriad of new items for exploration!

NPCs to note: An adorable red panda npc!

Warning: The authors are working hard on proofreading the English translations but warn that some dialogue may seem a bit odd. The will accept any corrections sent in and are also accepting volunteers for proofreading!

Passerby Cemetery (Released in 1.6)

Passerby Cemetery - Nexus Link

Death is just the beginning, yet the cemetery in Pelican Town is lacking. There seems to be no care put in the resting place of the deceased, and no caretaker to maintain order within the cemetery.But, shouldn't there be?

An expansion adding new locations, hosting a number of NPCs including Nikolai (previously a separate NPC mod), as well as brand new NPCs with connections to the author's other mod A New Dream, with more NPCs coming in the future. Additionally, it adds a new animal house where you can unlock the dodo bird as a farm animal, with animal produce and recipes to come along.

NPCs to note: Nikolai, Kaia, Maverick and more.

Ridgeside Village (1.6 Update Available)

Ridgeside Village - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Ridgeside Village adds over 50 new NPCs, a new location, new items, new shops, new festivals, custom music, custom quests, and mor

NPCs to note: Jeric, Sean, too many to list!

Also be sure to check out the unofficial add-on NPC, Leilani!

Seven Deadly Sins (1.6 Update planned, Author believes in April)

Seven Deadly Sins - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: This module is developed by the Ricehit team. It is a female-oriented module with comprehensive elements. It has built-in high-definition avatars, thousands of content compositions, millions of words of character dialogue, and tens of thousands of words of email and magazine advertisem*nts, surrounding the seven sins. The unique story unfolds, describing the grand world and waiting for everyone to reveal and discuss.

Warning: This mod is in Chinese but an English translation is being worked on.

Stardew Aquarium (1.6 Presently Hidden on Nexus)

Stardew Aquarium - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Stardew Aquarium adds an Aquarium to Stardew Valley. Here you can donate your fish to animated tanks for rewards. Includes a large new beach location with new custom shops.

NPCs to note: The curator and Goldie! (Please note that both are non-social NPCs).

Stardew Valley Expanded (1.6 Update Available)

Stardew Valley Expanded - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Stardew Valley Expanded is a fanmade expansion for ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley. This mod adds 27 new NPCs, 50 locations, 260 character events, 27 fish, reimagined vanilla areas, two farm maps, a reimagined world map reflecting all changes, new music, questlines, objects, crops, festivals, and many miscellaneous additions!

NPCs to note: Sophia, Victor, Lance, Camilia, and more

Warning: Do note that because SVE makes extensive changes to almost any map, there may be compatibility issues with other mods. If you find such issues, SVE has a compatibility form for fixes! Compatibility Form

Expanded also recommends the use of one of their two optional Farm Maps:

Grandpa's Farm

Immersive Farm 2 Remastered]

Stoffton (1.6 Update Available)

Stoffton - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: Stoffton is a thriving mill town located north of Pelican Town. You can access Stoffton by foot if you have Fostoria installed. Otherwise, you can access Stoffton by bus. Stoffton includes two large maps, a total of 39 new locations (including 11 shops), 48 new NPCs (including 14 marriage candidates), new heart events and more.

NPCs to note: Fiona, Otto and family, Xen, Fabiana, and too many to list!

Stray Catfe (Not Available in 1.6 at this time)

Stray Catfe - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: An updated version of alistairweekend's "The Stray Catfe" mod, containing two new marriageable characters, Tabitha and Theo. Currently maintained by ch20youk (aka moetrash) and AirynS.

The original mod's description on Nexus: Meet Theo and Tabitha, a pair of twins who have just moved to the valley. Bubbly Tabitha came to Pelican Town to start a cafe with her pragmatic twin brother Theo in tow. Tabitha's go-getter attitude is inspiring, but can she really succeed on that alone? And is this really what Theo wants to do with his life? Talk to, befriend, and even romance your new neighbors to find out.

NPCs to note: Theo & Tabitha of course!

Visit Mount Vapius (Released in 1.6)

Visit Mt. Vapius - Nexus Link

Description on Nexus: A fresh wind is coming from the mountains. Put a good jacket and come Visit Mount Vapius. An entire new area with NPC, dialogues, events, flowers, forages, fishes, recipes, minerals, secrets, and more. Get the joy of experiencing the feeling of discovery in an entire new area, featuring vanillaness art-style.

Not Yet Released

There are no published release dates for these. Please do not harass mod authors about release.

If you find any missing please feel free to either A. Edit this wiki page and add them (Alphabetical Order) or B. ping RiotGirl5989 in the Stardew Valley discord and I will add them for you!

For expansions I went with a rough guideline of "has at least two npcs (social or antisocial) and adds an area." I've provided this very rough guideline in the instance that I have missed any expansion mods.

Not Yet Released has no additional requirements. You do not need an estimated release day, a nexus profile or social media. I simply link things so that fans can offer you support!

Glimmering Dawn Serenity

This upcoming expansion will add 13 NPCs, new locations, new items, new monsters and more. Explore a rich tale where music, nature and magic intertwine. Meet colorful characters like Ash Wintermuir, an apprentice craftsman eager to master the art of violin and Silvia Hawthorne, a witch who speaks with nature itself. Follow its progress on its Discord server.

Secrets of Amethyst Island

From the creator of Elian is an upcoming expansion that will include 9 new NPCs on release, as well as new crops and locations. Visit an island that holds its own mysterious history and get to know its inhabitants like Ari and Case, the mismatched twins of Honeybee Cafe.

Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded has mentioned adding in Castle Village in a future release. See the discord or the author's twitter for more information.

Subway to Stardew

Subway to Stardew is an upcoming expansion that focuses on the Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet from Pokemon moving to Pelican Town to renovate the local train station. In its worldbuilding, Stardew Valley is a faraway region in which most Pokemon were eliminated and as such is able to export regular goods, unlike the other regions where regular biology has become near-extinct. You'll be able to help provide resources for their station repairs like another community center and get to know +16 NPCs. You can see the Tumblr blog for event recordings and other updates.

Thylak's Youtube Profile

Sunberry Village

Sunberry Village is an upcoming expansion mod that adds a new town south of Pelican Town with new NPCs, items, crops, special orders, mines, and more! Although currently not available to play, you can follow development and see sneak peeks in the Sunberry Discord.

Skellady's Nexus Profile

Recommendations: Expansion Mods (2024)
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