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Find a checking account made for you.

Manage your day-to-day spending and get the online banking tools you need to help reach your goals, big or small.

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No matter what you choose, you’ll get:

Top-rated digital tools

Enjoy mobile check deposit, account alerts, financial insights and more.

Fraud protection

You’re protected with the industry’s strongest available encryption.

National ATM network

Avoid ATM fees1 with one of the largest ATM networks in America.

Explore your options.

Interest earning

Get rewards and essentials with U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking.

Why it may be right for you

You want it all – overdraft protection tools, rewards for growing your money and the option to use checks.


  • Banking essentials + rewards. Transfer money, set alerts and more, plus get access to Smart Rewards®.
  • Overdraft protection tools. $50 overdrawn available balance threshold, overdraft protection2 and Overdraft Fee Forgiven3
  • Waive monthly maintenance fee. Fee of $6.95 can be waived in multiple ways.4

No overdraft fees

Stay in control of your money with a Safe Debit account.5

Why it may be right for you

You want tools to help manage your money and build credit, no overdraft fees and you don’t need checks.


  • Banking essentials. Directly deposit paychecks, lock a lost card, pay bills for free and more.
  • No overdraft fees.6 In most situations a transaction more than your balance won’t go through. If it does, there’s no fee.
  • No surprise fees. Pay a $4.95 monthly maintenance fee with no minimum balance penalty.

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Special programs with extra benefits

Online checking account | Open a checking account | U.S. Bank (2)

Military banking

Get benefits exclusively for veterans, active military members and military families.

Explore military banking benefits

Online checking account | Open a checking account | U.S. Bank (3)

Student banking

If you’re 13 through 24 years old, we’ve got special account benefits and features just for you.

Learn about student banking

Frequently asked questions

Find out what personal information you’ll need to open a U.S. Bank checking account online.

Get the details

See the few requirements and personal information you’ll need, plus simple directions.

Get the details

Learn what the general requirements are and what personal information you’ll need to provide.

Get the details

Get started automatically depositing your paychecks or Social Security payments into your bank account.

Learn how

Find an example of a filled-out check along with detailed instructions and how to find your routing number.

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A checking account is typically used for day-to-day spending and paying your bills. You can easily access your money with a debit card, ATM or check.

A savings account is meant to help you grow your money or set aside funds for a specific goal, such as a large purchase or an emergency fund. All U.S. Bank savings accounts accrue interest.

A money market account is a cross between a checking and a savings account. It offers the debit card and check-writing features of a checking account with the interest-bearing nature of a savings account only with higher interest rates.

A certificate of deposit (CD) account offers a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account, but you must leave your money untouched for an agreed upon time. This time period is known as the term length. If you withdraw your funds before the term is done, you usually need to pay an early withdrawal penalty and/or fee.

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  1. ATM Transaction Fee. U.S.Bank will assess this fee for each ATM Transaction conducted at the Non-U.S.Bank ATM. Non-U.S.Bank ATMs are defined as any ATM that does not display the U.S.Bank logo in any manner, physically on the ATM or digitally on the screen.

    ATM Surcharge: Non-U.S. Bank ATM owners may apply a surcharge fee on ATM transactions at their ATMs. U.S. Bank participates in MoneyPass®, an ATM surcharge free network. To find MoneyPass ATM locations, select “visit the MoneyPass locator” at the bottom of our ATM locator search results to be taken to the MoneyPass website. If you use an ATM that uses the MoneyPass® Network and are charged a surcharge fee, please contact us at 800-USBANKS (872-2657) for a refund of the surcharge fee.

    Please refer to the Consumer Pricing Information(PDF) disclosure section titled Miscellaneous Checking, Savings or Money Market Fees for a summary of ATM transaction fees.

  2. If you have linked eligible accounts and the negative Available Balance in your checking account is $5.01 or more, the advance amount will transfer in multiples of $50. If, however, the negative Available Balance is $5 or less, the amount advanced will be $5. The Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee is waived if the negative Available Balance in your checking account is $50 or less.

    Note: If you have Overdraft Protection and your account becomes overdrawn, Overdraft Protection funds will be accessed before the account is eligible for U.S. Bank Overdraft Fee Forgiven.

    Refer to Your Deposit Account Agreement(PDF) section titled Overdraft Protection Plans for additional information.

  3. Consumer checking accounts (excluding Safe Debit accounts) assessed an Overdraft Paid Fee may qualify for a fee waiver. The Overdraft Fee Forgiven period starts the first day your Available Balance becomes negative and you were charged an Overdraft Paid Fee(s). U.S.Bank will review your account at the end of the Overdraft Fee Forgiven period (11 p.m. ET) and if your Available Balance (excluding the Overdraft Paid Fees and including immediate and same day deposits), is at least $0 we will waive Overdraft Paid Fee(s) charged. Deposits that generally will qualify for Overdraft Fee Forgiven include: ACH and electronic deposits, cash deposits, wire transfers, ATM deposits at U.S.Bank ATMs, check deposits in branch and internal transfers from another U.S.Bank account. Deposits that generally will not qualify for Overdraft Fee Forgiven include: Mobile check deposit, extended hold placed on a deposit and deposits into new accounts opened less than 30 days where funds are generally made available the fifth business day after the day of your deposit. Refer to the Determining the Availability of a Deposit – All Accounts section ofYour Deposit Account Agreement(PDF) for full funds availability details.

  4. Members of the military (requires self disclosure) and customers ages 24 and under and those 65 and over pay no monthly maintenance fee. All others can have it waived by meeting any one of the following criteria: Have combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more; or keep a minimum average account balance of $1,500 or more; or hold an eligible U.S.Bank credit card; or qualify for one of the four Smart Rewards® tiers (Primary, Plus, Premium or Pinnacle).

    The average account balance is calculated by adding the balance at the end of each calendar day in the statement period and dividing that sum by the total number of calendar days within the statement period. Other fees may apply.

    Please refer to the Consumer Pricing Information(PDF) disclosure for more details.

  5. Safe Debit Account is subject to certain account limitations and eligibility requirements, including the use of bill pay and Mobile Check Deposit. Please refer to theU.S. Bank Safe Debit Account Terms and Conditions(PDF) and Safe Debit Account Pricing and Information(PDF) guide for details. Refer to Your Deposit Account Agreement(PDF) and the Consumer Pricing Information(PDF) disclosure for a summary of fees, terms and conditions that apply.

  6. We will not charge you an Overdraft Paid Fee, but you will not be able to use your debit card or withdraw funds from your account until you transfer or deposit enough money to bring your available balance positive.

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Deposit products are offered by U.S.Bank National Association. Member FDIC.

You authorize your wireless carrier to use or disclose information about your account and your wireless device, if available, to us or our service provider for the duration of your business relationship, solely to help us identify you or your wireless device and to prevent fraud. See our Privacy Policy for how we treat your data.

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I'm a financial expert with extensive knowledge in banking and financial services. My expertise includes a deep understanding of various banking products, account types, and financial tools. I'll provide information related to the concepts mentioned in the article about U.S. Bank's checking accounts.

U.S. Bank Checking Accounts Overview:

U.S. Bank offers different checking accounts tailored to specific needs. Let's break down the key concepts mentioned:

  1. Smartly® Checking:

    • Features:
      • Overdraft protection tools.
      • Rewards for growing your money.
      • Option to use checks.
    • Benefits:
      • Banking essentials + rewards.
      • Transfer money, set alerts, and more.
      • Overdraft protection with a $50 overdrawn available balance threshold.
      • Monthly maintenance fee of $6.95 (waivable).
  2. Safe Debit Account:

    • Features:
      • Tools to manage money and build credit.
      • No overdraft fees.
      • No need for checks.
    • Benefits:
      • Banking essentials.
      • Direct deposit, card lock, bill payment, etc.
      • No overdraft fees in most situations.
      • Monthly maintenance fee of $4.95.
  3. Special Programs:

    • Military Banking:
      • Exclusive benefits for veterans, active military members, and families.
    • Student Banking:
      • Special account benefits for individuals aged 13 through 24.

Additional Information:

  • Types of Accounts:

    • Checking Account: Used for day-to-day spending and bill payments.
    • Savings Account: Intended for growing money or saving for specific goals.
    • Money Market Account: Combines features of checking and savings with higher interest rates.
    • Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account: Offers higher interest but requires leaving money untouched for an agreed-upon term.
  • Fees and Waivers:

    • Various fees may apply, but many can be waived through specific criteria (direct deposits, account balances, credit card holding, or qualifying for Smart Rewards® tiers).
    • Safe Debit Account has specific limitations and eligibility requirements.
  • Overdraft Protection:

    • Protection tools available, and fees may be forgiven under certain conditions.
    • Overdraft Paid Fee waiver based on account review and meeting specific criteria.

Contact Information and Resources:

  • Contact U.S. Bank:

    • Call 800-872-2657 for assistance.
    • Online banking tools and mobile check deposit available.
  • In-Person Services:

    • Search locations, make an appointment, or visit a branch.

This overview provides a comprehensive understanding of U.S. Bank's checking accounts and related financial concepts. If you have specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask.

Online checking account | Open a checking account | U.S. Bank (2024)
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