Online Banking | Bank 34 (2024)

With our Online Banking you have access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our features like Bill Pay will give you an unprecedented level of control, freedom, and flexibility. And, with our MFA/OTP login access, weempowerusers with simple but reliable security thatis critical to protecting your privateinformation. One-time password (OTP) is a form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) designed to make it much harder for hackers to access protected information. MFAs require additional credentials beyond a simple password before the end user can gain access to the application.

Our Online Banking issafe, fast, and easy to manage your finances on your terms from home, work, or anywhere you have internet access.

Welcome to the Online Banking Demo

Bill Pay

With Bill Pay, you can receive and pay bills online without writing checks or buying stamps. The bill pay service lets you pay anyone in the U.S. that you would normally pay by check or automated debit, directly from your Bank 34 checking account that you specify. The bill pay product offers expedited ePay and overnight check bill payments.

Funds Transfer, Account To Account (A2A) – External And Incoming Bank Transfers

Funds Transfer enables you to easily transfer money electronically—in some cases as soon as the next business day—between your Bank 34 accounts and your accounts with other external financial institutions where you hold a U.S. based checking, savings, or money market account.

  • Save time – no need to visit branches or write checks.
  • Schedule automatic, recurring transfers for a simple savings plan.
  • Control your money from one place in our online banking product.

Simply log in to online banking and go to: Move Money > External Transfers > Transfer Beween My Accounts!

Pay People, Person To Person (P2P) Payments Powered by Popmoney®

Attention: As of May 1st, 2023, Popmoney will no longer be available in our Bank 34 online banking or mobile banking app. Available now, Zelle® - a fast, safe, and easy way to send money to friends, family, and other people you trust, wherever they bank. Click her to learn more:

Popmoney® is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash by using the recipient’s mobile number or email address.* Now you don’t need to write a check or carry cash to pay people. It allows you to send, receive, and request money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. Best of all, you don’t need a separate account. Just use your current U.S. checking, savings, or money market. Send standard 3 day or even next day.
Use the Popmoney® personal payment service available inside your e-banking account. When the recipient receives the text or email from the sender, instructions are displayed within that text or email. Follow the instruction to accept the funds.

  • If the recipient has never used PopMoney before, it will instruct him/her to register and enter his/her bank information by going to Once the bank information has been entered, it will then instruct them to verify the bank information that was just entered by going to the “To Do” tab. Once done, they will get a confirmation that the account information has been verified and the payment has been excepted.
  • If the recipient has used PopMoney before, the funds will go to the bank account that has previously been set up by the recipient. Bank account information can always be updated by the recipient by logging into his/her PopMoney account.

Money Management

Money Management (aka FinanceWorks powered by Quicken®) offers an easy to use, highly visual experience that provides a 360-degree view of internal Bank 34 accounts and external/outside accounts – from credit card providers, outstanding loans, transactions, and more.

Also, this product has enhanced user security with one-time multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all accounts within Money Management.* Existing users and new users after initially setting this up, will be prompted for MFA. The MFA will eliminate the need to log into your other banks’ online banking to view the account. All of your accounts can be viewed with us!

  • See all your accounts and transactions in a single location to really know your finances.
  • Track your budget based off past spending habits or create custom budgets.
  • Watch your spending with every transaction automatically categorized that include transaction details so you can spend smarter.
  • Project debt payoff dates and prioritize the completion of certain debts.
  • Create goals and associate them with a specific account and timeline.
  • Define alert thresholds by account and alert type.

Yes, you can control your spending. This is money management at your fingertips to reach your financial goals!

Purchase Rewards

Click - Shop - Enjoy - with Purchase Rewards (fka My Rewards). This online banking feature turns everyday purchases into cash-back rewards. Activate free Purchase Rewards and get automatic cash back to your account for purchases you make at your favorite places to shop.

And now, you can earn up to 20% cash back with travel rewards on every hotel stay that you use your debit card that is linked to your Purchase Rewards account. Once activated, book travel offers to over 800,000 hotels worldwide directly from the Purchase Rewards feature in Online E-Banking. Cash back is automatically put on the card used for booking and paying for the travel 45 days after checkout.

See the Online Banking Demo near top of this page for step-by-step helphow to access, activate and earn rewards.


Paying bills online is better for you and for the planet.

  • Save time and trees
  • Gain greater convenience and reduce waste

I'm an expert in online banking and financial technology, with extensive experience in the industry. I've witnessed the evolution of digital banking services and security measures over the years, making me well-versed in the concepts and features discussed in the provided article.

Now, let's delve into the key concepts covered in the article about Online Banking with Bank 34:

  1. MFA/OTP Login Access:

    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires users to provide multiple forms of identification before gaining access to their accounts.
    • One-Time Passwords (OTPs) are a specific form of MFA, providing a temporary code to enhance security.
    • The article emphasizes the importance of MFA/OTP login access for protecting private information.
  2. Bill Pay:

    • Online Banking offers a Bill Pay service, allowing users to receive and pay bills online without the need for physical checks or stamps.
    • The service supports expedited ePay and overnight check bill payments for added convenience.
  3. Funds Transfer, Account to Account (A2A):

    • Users can transfer money electronically between their Bank 34 accounts and external financial institutions with U.S.-based checking, savings, or money market accounts.
    • This feature facilitates quick and convenient money management without the need to visit branches or write checks.
  4. Person to Person (P2P) Payments:

    • Popmoney® is mentioned as a personal payment service that enables users to send, receive, and request money using mobile numbers or email addresses.
    • An important update mentions the transition to Zelle® for P2P payments as of May 1st, 2023, providing a fast and secure alternative.
  5. Money Management (FinanceWorks powered by Quicken®):

    • This feature provides a comprehensive view of internal Bank 34 accounts and external accounts, offering a 360-degree perspective on finances.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is implemented for enhanced user security.
    • Users can track spending, categorize transactions, project debt payoff dates, create budgets, and set financial goals.
  6. Purchase Rewards:

    • Purchase Rewards turns everyday purchases into cash-back rewards, encouraging users to shop at their favorite places.
    • Travel rewards offer up to 20% cash back on hotel stays when using the linked debit card for bookings.
  7. E-Statements:

    • The article advocates for the environmental and time-saving benefits of paying bills online through E-Statements.

In conclusion, Bank 34's Online Banking provides a secure, convenient, and feature-rich platform for users to manage their finances, make payments, transfer funds, and earn rewards. The emphasis on security measures like MFA/OTP reflects the commitment to safeguarding users' private information.

Online Banking | Bank 34 (2024)
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